Execution Landscaping

Innovative business calls for adaptive, repeatable and measurable project execution. We differentiate ourselves by being USER-CENTRIC as opposed to TECHNOLOGY-CENTRIC. Our measure of success is the eventual end result based on the end-users’ productive usage of the solution landscape.

Solution Landscaping

Every innovative business would need innovative solutions. Silverlake Innovation Partners (SIP) is capable of architecting a landscape from end-to-end, straight-through processing to deliver business solutions comprising of proven best-practice modules, both from Silverlake’s own offerings as well as those from our strategic partners.

We are capable of creating innovative solution landscapes to meet the unique requirements from our clients.

Acquisition Landscaping

Innovative business calls for innovative acquisition options. Apart from the traditional outright purchase acquisition model, we offer partnership commercial arrangement with our clients. We believe that the partnership model can promote mutual business growth through innovation.

Alternative procurement models include Infrastructure As a Service (IAAS), Platform As A Service (PAAS), and Software As A Service (SAAS).


Since our Formation in 1996

The Silverlake Group of Companies has served over 100 customers in enabling their continuous transformation journeys. We have selected below some of our case studies.

Transformation to
Full-Fledged Commercial Bank
1. This non-bank financial institution and building society engaged SIP to transform their core financial system for their then-current business operations.

2. At the same time, the client has a vision to obtain a full commercial bank license and therefore, SIP solutions was chosen based on its system capabilities which is ‘Right For Today’ and ‘Ready For Tomorrow’.

3.The Silverlake core financial system was implemented successfully within a record time of 8 months.
Transformation of
Large Public Service Organization
1. This client is the oldest provident fund in the world with assets approaching RM1Trilion.

2. They chose the Silverlake Integrated Provident Fund System (SIPFS) to replace its in-house developed system in 2005.

3. Since then, the SIPFS has been instrumental as the key enabler of continuous digital transformation for this public service organization.

4. Today, more than 95% of member interaction with this provident fund is done through the system we implemented for them.
Transformation of
Largest Cooperative Financial Institution
1. This client is the largest cooperative bank in the country with assets in excess of RM100 Billion.

2. The bank has identified digitalization and customer experience among several key pillars in their transformation journey.

3. Silverlake Integrated Islamic Banking System (SIIBS) was chosen as the core system for this cooperative bank.

4. Their core banking transformation was completed successfully amidst challenges.
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Assured Delivery


1. Success is not measured as and when the system is successfully installed, but only after users are delighted in using the system effectively to perform their business operations

2. We define end-users as our client organization and their end customers.

3. Training, Transfer of Technology, and People Change Management are key deliverables of our projects.

Solution Centric

1. We start by understanding and establishing ‘customer needs’ vs ‘customer wants’.

2. We architect flexible and adaptable solution components to enable a fully Integrated Digital Ecosystem.

3. We are a proven System Integrator with 100% Successful Implementation Track Record.

Extended Enterprise Centric

1. Financially strong and stable with Paid-Up Capital of RM50 Million.

2. Consistently growing resources through extended enterprise comprising of Silverlake group of companies and Strategic Partnerships.