Incorporated as Global IMP-ACT
Appointed the first IBM Mainframe Business Partner in Malaysia

with the complete IT Infrastructure Refresh project in Bank Bumiputera.

First of many proven system

integration capabilities with the implementation of a new integrated bank branch delivery system rolling out 200+ branches in a record time of 4 months.

Recognised by IBM

and awarded the Top IBM Mainframe Business Partner.

Joined the Malaysian Main Exchange Board

as the IT subsidiary of public-listed Bolton Berhad and won various projects in 3 anchor banks in Malaysia.

Merger-Acquisition exercise resulted in Global IMP-ACT

being acquired by public-listed Symphony Group and renamed as Symphony Global.

Transformation of an anchor bank

by consolidating multi-core systems into a single consolidated integrated SIBS core system and introducing multi online delivery channels.

First diversification to non-banking sector

launching the integrated social security and provident fund system as the core system transformation partner for the Largest Provident Fund Institution in Malaysia. The transformation included exploitation of Thumbprint, Barcode, and Imaging Technology to re-engineer the business processes.

Full refresh of Core Banking System

for a Financial Holding Company of a full-fledged Islamic bank in Malaysia.

Enabled an Anchor Bank to offer Full Islamic Banking

via another entity of the Group supported by a single consolidated Core Banking System with separate data and pooling of funds which enabled the Group to enjoy huge savings in Software Licencing and IT Platform and Operating Cost.


The company was rebranded to Silverlake Innovation Partners in 2010.

Successfully migrated and implemented new core system transformation

in the biggest and oldest Building Society in Malaysia. In conjunction with the collaboration partnership, a new process in Business Service Monitoring was initiated to pro-actively ensure users have access to the system continuously.

Initiated Off-shore project

for a Multinational Regional Financial Services Provider Malaysian Bank in Laos allowing New Branch Setup with fully customised Core System which are in compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements supported through appropriate regulatory reporting.

Extended our service offerings from system maintenance

to overall IT Management Partnership by introducing our post-project IT Collaboration Service encompassing the command, control and monitoring of the System availability, performance and capacity of resources to deliver non-disrupted continuous service to end-users.

Enhanced and incorporated GST features

and functionalities to enable our client to support new tax regulatory requirements introduced for banking services.

Introduced a new Islamic scheme fund

for the Largest Provident Fund Institution allowing members to opt for Islamic scheme which was a major milestone for the Institution.

As a Prime System Integrator,

successfully implemented a major and comprehensive core system transformation in the largest Cooperative Bank in Malaysia comprising multi-systems, multi-partners, data migration and complex integration with existing and new systems for both internal and external parties.

Implemented real estate management system for an Islamic Pilgrimage Fund
The Pilgrimage Fund invests in a sizeable portfolio of real estate properties and an integrated and modern system is required to ensure efficient management of the properties thus maintaining and increasing their values and providing returns to the stakeholders. SIP customises a proven off-the-shelf best-practices real estate management system to fit the organisation’s largely unique business requirement to ensure returns, while maintaining governance especially for shariah-compliant policies. The system is deployed in the cloud environment.
Awarded and implementing First adoption of financial core system on cloud for GLC utilising turnkey development on low-code platform
This public-service organisation manages a sizeable collection of mandatory contributory funds from employees to facilitate upskilling and training for employees. A unique, comprehensive, and integrated core system is required to provide the expected user experience for all stakeholders. SIP was commissioned to develop this unique intermodular integrated collection of core modules on low-code platform and deployed in the cloud to provide a core system which is right for today and ready for tomorrow.
Awarded and implementing the First full-fledged digital bank on cloud environment in Malaysia

This commercial bank is already reaping the benefits of the core banking system we implemented successfully since 2005. Realising the current competitive landscape in the provisioning of services
to the current generation of the target consumers, especially against the services of newly-licensed digital banks, this traditional bank commissioned SIP as their technology partner in creating services which are fully digital. The digital core banking system deployed in the cloud will complement the existing proven stable core banking system, providing a unique combination of proven legacy services with fully digital new services, to meet the demands of her diverse set of consumer expectations.